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After all, Unbreakable is really a film about a guy pushing things to the limit to see what his potential is.

After I did the first Die Hard I said I’d never do another, same after I did the second one and the third. The whole genre was running itself into the ground.

All I had to do was imagine any one of my kids being held hostage and they had to dry me off. It is an emotional movie and I think that anyone with kids can relate to having one of your kids snatched.

All these guys – cops, EMT workers, men and women, emergency room doctors and nurses and people that every night have to see horrific things – there should be thousands of films done about these guys. And they should get paid more money.

And money corrupts. It’s all about money and everybody needs money. 

And that is just the hardest thing to do in life – the scariest thing for a human being is to take that inward look, be honest with myself, to say, what is wrong with me, what can I change, what am I not gonna change?

Before I was famous that confidence got me into trouble.

But other than that, I want the government to take care of people who need help, like the kids in foster care, the half a million kids who are in orphanages right now, they call them foster homes but they’re orphanages.

But the action film genre is gonna have to come up with some new bad guys. 

Every day I work at not taking this fame thing seriously. Fortunately I have a great group of friends who help me do this.

Everybody, no matter how old you are, is around 24, 25 in their heart.

I believe that any job that requires you to possibly get shot at or get shot dead, you should be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for.

I believe there are a lot of things in the world that happen that are inexplicable but still happen. And I accept that, and that to me is part of what I call God. 

I don’t think I could’ve played Jack Mosley 10 years ago.

I hate government. I’m apolitical. Write that down. I’m not a Republican.

I hate working out. Because I work out for films now solely I come to associate it with work.

I just have more fun when I get to try new things – and the action film genre has kind of painted itself into a corner, copied itself so many times and it has basically run out of bad buys.

I knew when I was in my 30s that by the time I got into my 40s and late 40s that I would grow into, that I would know so much more about life and have lived more life.

I like having the dough to come and go as I please.

I mean, look, I wear makeup in films. I don’t wear makeup in real life. It’s just part of the gig, that’s all.

I think I’m at a time in my career and place in my life when I’m far more interested in the acting side, than in playing guys saving the world.

I think that I got to places emotionally that I might not have been able to get to if I was working with another actress that was not my daughter.

I wake up laughing. Yes, I wake up in the morning and there I am just laughing my head off.

I will say this: the example that comes to mind is – I think what the United States and everyone who cares about protecting the freedoms that the largest part of the free world now has should do whatever it takes to end terrorism in the world.

I’m not a violent man or advocate violence.

I’m really just a regular guy who has had an incredibly blessed life.

I’m staggered by the question of what it’s like to be a multimilionaire. I always have to remind myself that I am.

I’m talking also about going to Colombia and doing whatever it takes to end the cocaine trade. It’s killing this country. It’s killing all the countries that coke goes into.

I’ve always had confidence. Before I was famous, that confidence got me into trouble. After I got famous, it just got me into more trouble.

If you catch him, just give me four seconds with Saddam Hussein.

It never said that I had to be overweight, but I’ve known guys who are capable of drinking a bottle and a half of Scotch a night, and they’re a little overweight. I think they call it booze weight. So I thought it would help.

It’s certainly a different kind of modern film hero but it’s a classical interpretation of hero as someone with flaws who is striving to overcome them.

It’s great not to have to run down the street with a gun in my hand.

It’s interesting to see a story where a guy is searching for what he is about and what is wrong with him.

Justin Timberlake is terrific in this film. I told him it’s time to stop singing.

My wife heard me say I love you a thousand times, but she never once heard me say sorry. 

Now I’m famous it still does, but the voice I’ve always listened to and trusted is my own, for good or bad.

Now the news is manipulated and managed and it’s all meant to scare you. They don’t show you anything good.

On the one hand, we’ll never experience childbirth. On the other hand, we can open all our own jars.

Sixth Sense was not a comedy but it had real acting challenges.

So – but God is also this snow, and God is also the little buds that come out on the trees, little babies that get born. That’s my God. But organized religion you can set on fire.

They don’t show you anything good coming out of Iraq, all they say this many dead since President Bush took office.

They look right. And you move left.

Too many children in foster care are falling through cracks. Be a hero, take the time learn about adoption today.

Violence – look, we live in a violent world, man. This country was founded on violence. Who’s kidding who?

Well, I think it’s because partly because I’m from South Jersey and I have a strong affinity towards working class people.

You can’t undo the past… but you can certainly not repeat it.


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