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What a “love”ly fairytale

Posted by Janett on November 11, 2007

THIS just arrived me in an email and although it sounds “great”, I wouldn´t claim that it is true. People say quite a lot of things to get attention and the press is longing and killing for “such” things.  So, form your own opinion and share it 😉

IT WAS like the script from one of his Die Hard films — except this time Bruce Willis was gunning for SEX.

He had Welsh beauty Alexandra Williams in his sights as he CHASED her across two continents in typical action man style, desperate to explore her hills and valleys.

Now the 25-year-old model reveals how Willis—whose latest blockbuster Die Hard 4.0 is topping the DVD charts—made it his mission to bed her after spotting her on a catwalk in the south of France.

The smitten star, 52, kept bumping into her and wining and dining her as she crossed America before she finally surrendered in his Las Vegas hotel room after a U2 concert.

She recalls: “Bruce was in his trademark T-shirt, jeans, leather jacket and baseball cap—just like in Die Hard. We were sitting on the edge of his bed talking.

“Up till then I hadn’t wanted to be another of his conquests—but his charm just became too much.

“All of a sudden he started to kiss me passionately. Then he stripped off. I was amazed by his physique.

“He’d just finished filming Die Hard 4.0 and was in great shape. He’s very well-endowed too.


“Things started to heat up pretty quickly. He moved his hands all over my body and was fixated with my breasts. I’d just had them enhanced to 34C and he loved massaging them.

“He lifted my dress over my head and smothered me with kisses. Then he just ravished me. It was frenzied and very bang, bang, bang!

“Bruce is a sex addict. Once you start him up, he goes at it full throttle. But then came the kinky things he wanted me to do…”

It was a night of daring passion Alexandra will never forget in a whirwind jet-set fling packed with star encounters and steamy sex.

They first met when Willis spotted her modelling dresses in a St Tropez restaurant. The actor was so entranced he invited her to dinner.

“I was flattered but politely said no,” says Cardiff-born Alexandra. “I knew who he was but I had no interest in him then.”

But that was never going to be the end of it. When Alexandra moved to New York to pursue her career just weeks later she bumped into him again—this time in underground dance club Pink Elephant, not a popular hang-out for celebrities.

“As soon as I walked in, I saw him sitting at a table. He was surrounded by women doing anything to get his attention,” says Alexandra. “Amazingly he recognised me and said, ‘Alex, hi’. I was surprised. He said, ‘Quick come here and pretend you’re with me to get rid of these girls’.

“I spent five hours partying with him and we got on well. He was all over me, touching my leg and sliding his hand up to my bum.

“When he tried to kiss me, at first I was put off by the age difference but he was so charming I kissed him back.”

Willis begged her to go home with him—but again she knocked him back. “I was having too good a time partying—but we swapped numbers.”

The star—who was married to actress Demi Moore for 13 years—kept calling her until she gave in and arranged to meet him at a Halloween night out.

Alexandra smiles: “He thought this was a great idea and we all looked the part when we met at a restaurant. He was all over me again. He fed me sushi and was fondling me under the table.

“It was a mad night. Jennifer Aniston came over and said hello. She was lovely. But whenever fans came to Bruce asking for his autograph he was very rude. I wasn’t impressed.”


“Again he pestered me to go back to his house but I played hard to get. I said no and he was very frustrated. Maybe he’s not used to women doing that.”

Alexandra put Bruce out of her mind but when she arranged to go with friends to Las Vegas to see U2 in concert she learned that the actor was making the same plans.

She recalls: “Everyone was telling me he was there and he was desperate to see me. I felt very wanted. It was very overpowering to think an A-list star was after me.

“I saw Bruce briefly when he was on his way to the casino. He was gambling with Friends’ star Matthew Perry. Later he introduced me to Bono. It was all very overpowering.”

Later she finally ended up in bed with him. But as their romp intensified Willis started getting kinky. She says: “He got quite dirty and started to demand things I wasn’t happy about.

“It was obvious he’s used to treating women as sex objects. He was desperate to try stuff I wouldn’t do and looked put out when I said no.

“Once it was over he crashed out immediately and fell asleep snoring. That’s how I left him.”

Alexandra went back to New York and Willis—whose fourth Die Hard movie took took a whopping £179.5 million at the box office—went on to Los Angeles.

But still he kept pestering her. She says: “He talked dirty to me on the phone — very explicit. It was so outrageous I used to giggle. He went on about what he wanted to do me,” says Alexandra.

“He paid for a first class ticket to fly me to LA. A driver picked me up at the airport and took me to his hotel. As soon as I got into the room my bags were barely on the floor when he grabbed me and wanted sex straight away and carted me to the bed.

“He paused only to spark up a joint and tore off my clothes. The sex again was fast and furious but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did in Vegas.”

Alexandra spent four days with the star. He left her to her own devices during the day while he met up with movie contacts.


At night the couple would meet up for dinner in the hotel and then go out. But Alexandra says: “He always asked me to walk ten paces in front so we couldn’t be snapped together.

“One night we went to see James Brown in concert at the House of Blues. When we arrived there Dan Akroyd, who part owns the club, greeted us and showed us to our seats.

“We sat down but during breaks Bruce wanted to go up the back and smoke spliffs. Heather Mills was there and at the end of the gig all the VIPs lined up to meet James Brown.”

Back at the hotel Willis chatted with star pals, but a tired Alexandra went to bed early. She says: “I’d been in bed 45 minutes when he came in, climbed in with me and started doing it. He ripped of my nightie and went at it like he had before.

“Over the next three days at the hotel the pattern was the same. As soon as we were alone Bruce was desperate for sex.”

As their three-month fling in 2005 came to an end, Alexandra realised she was falling for the movie star.

She says: “On the last night I got quite emotional. After we’d made love I started crying and accused him of only wanting me for sex.

“The time in LA was very different from Las Vegas. I felt used. I knew it was never going to go anywhere.

“In the morning when I had to catch my plane he walked me down stairs and kissed me on the lips. He asked me to stay in touch but I didn’t.”

Alexandra is now settled in south east London with a new partner. But she still often thinks of her time with Bruce.

“On Valentines Day, when I was back in New York, flowers arrived for me anonymously. I often wonder if they were from him but I’ll never know.”


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