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Demi, Bruce Willis shocked

Posted by Janett on October 7, 2007


Demi Moore and ex hubby Bruce Willis were left stunned when their 19-year old daughter Rumer came home with her brunette hair dyed platinum blonde.

The young actress had been wearing a wig of the same colour, while filming her new movie and ended up liking it so much that she decided to dye her hair that colour. And, she reveals that it left her parents, and stepdad Ashton Kutcher stunned.

“I got the idea, because the movie I just finished, I was wearing a blonde wig, so I saw myself like that. And I just went for it,” she revealed. “I came home and my parents were really shocked when I walked in the house. My sisters looked at me like, ‘What? Your hair’!” she added. However, once they got over the shock, Rumer reveals that the family ended up loving her new hair-do. “But everyone, my parents, loved it,” she exclaimed.


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