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Willis, Schwarzenegger and Stallone not to star in Tarantino’s ‘Inglorious Bastards’

Posted by Janett on September 25, 2007

Melbourne, September 19: Hollywood filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has dismissed speculations that Bruce Willis, Sly Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger may star in his long-gestating World War II flick ‘Inglorious Bastards’.While promoting his film ‘Death Proof’ in the UK, Tarantino said that he had never announced the names of Willis, Schwarzenegger or Stallone for ‘Inglorious Bastards’.He also revealed that he did not have any particular actor on his mind to cast in the film.

“Inglorious Bastards — I never said it was going to star Bruce Willis, Schwarzenegger and Stallone. I don’t know who’s going to be in it at this point,” Moviehole quoted him as telling Rotten Tomatoes.

Tarantino said that he would first write the character, and then choose the most suitable actor for the role.

“I have to write it first. It always starts with me and the characters. Whenever I cast an actor and try to write the character around it I always end up regretting it, so I always try to write the character and cast the actor to fit the character. Whenever I’ve written the character like in the case of Zoe (Bell) or Vanessa (Ferlito), where I know they’re who I want to play, I write it about them. Vanessa is Vanessa and Zoë is Zoë. It’s not like I thought,” he said.

“I like Kurt Russell for Mike, he’d be very good. No, I wrote Zoe. And if I couldn’t get Zoe, I’d have to throw the script away because I couldn’t do it. Same with Uma (Thurman), but she said she could do it (Kill Bill) so we did,” he added.

Meanwhile, website IMDB has said that Michael Madsen and Tim Roth will be starring in ‘Inglorious Bastards’.



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