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Willis kills opposition in action film poll

Posted by Janett on September 16, 2007

BRUCE Willis has spectacularly killed off all Hollywood opposition – with his original Die Hard film named as the greatest action movie ever made.

Willis’s hard-nosed cop John McClane first exploded on cinema screens like an incendiary bomb 19 years ago.

His jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, bone-crunching, metal-twisting blockbuster can’t be beaten for its non-stop pace, according to a poll by influential American magazine Entertainment Weekly.

It ranks Die Hard No.1 in a survey to find the films that gave “the biggest bang for the buck”.

Apart from the films mentioned right, other blockbusters in the top 10 were Aliens (1986); Gladiator (2000); Saving Private Ryan (1998); Hard Boiled (1992); Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991).


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