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Are Bruce Willis and Karen McDougal Getting Serious?

Posted by Janett on August 20, 2007


He’s the quintessential tough guy, and also has a heart for Playboy Playmates.  And Bruce Willis has a new gal on his arm.  Her name is Karen McDougal, and she’s definitely a hottie.

As reported previously by the Gossip Girls, during a recent holiday in Sardinia, the pair were all-too-public with their affections, and it was hard not to notice.

Since that time, one witness told press, “They were cuddling the whole time and couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They were very frisky too – at one point, it seemed as if they were a minute away from having a romp in the tub.”

And as most celebrities are doing these days, the Die Hard actor and Playboy Playmate have also been spotted vacationing on St. Tropez, as well as catching a plane at the Nice, France airport. Now the question becomes, does Bruce have long-term intentions on his mind?

Enjoy the photos of Bruce and Karen at the airport (August 13), and on the beach the previous day.


At the beach in St Tropez:



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