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Posted by Janett on July 3, 2007

Nadia Bjorlin

Bruce Willis’ steamy sex sessions with Nadia Bjorlin   

 Sunday 1st July, 2007    

London, July 1 : Actress and trained opera singer Nadia Bjorlin has opened the lid on her love making sessions with ‘Die Hard’ actor Bruce Willis, when she met him three years ago.

Bjrolin met Willis through a couple of common friends and the two met up with each other a number of times for steamy sex bouts.

The actress revealed that she ended up breaking an expensive night lamp during their invigorating sex romps when she crashed her bottom into the ornament.

“That night we could not keep our hands off each other. We had not even made it into the bedroom when we started tearing each other’s clothes off in his living room,” News of the world quoted her, as saying.

“So much so at one point we were romping on the sofa, clawing at each other, when my bare bottom crashed into a lamp behind us and went crashing to the ground. I had been too excited to notice it was so close. As it came smashing down around us Bruce jumped up to make sure it had not cut my bottom,” she added.

The 26-year-old added that the crashing night lamp did not stop them from continuing their fiery sex session.

“It did not stop us but then again nothing ever did. We were so into each other we would not have noticed if the building had been on fire,” she said.

She added that Willis liked her the best in a red lingerie and garter, for he felt that she looked ‘naughty’ and ‘wild’ in the colour.

“Bruce loved lingerie and I loved buying it to wear for him. There were many times when I would go shopping for underwear and then turn up at his house wearing little else. His favourite outfit was some tiny red lacy underwear with red stockings and a matching red garter,” she said.

“He loved it because he said I looked wild and naughty in the colour. Because I knew he loved it so much it made me feel incredibly sexy wearing it for him. As he lay watching me I slowly started to strip it off. I didn’t get very far though before he had thrown me on the bed,” she added.

Bjorlin also said that they never had a fall out, because they were too much in love with each other’s company, and that it was at time when her career had just began.

She added that she had met him at a wrong time

“Not once did Bruce and I fall out, we loved each other’s company too much for that. But I was only 23 at the time and my career was just starting to take off and in the end I did not have time to commit to a relationship,” she said.

“I just wanted to give everything to my career and as much as I adored him Bruce and I just started to drift. We had simply met at the wrong time,” she added.

Bjorlin said that they are still in touch, and that whenever she looks at Die Hard 4.0 billboards, she smiles to herself thinking that she has had a first hand experience of how ‘wonderful’ he is.

“We still keep in touch though from time to time and the other day Bruce posted a congratulations message on my myspace page when it was the premier of my film Redline.And still now if I saw him in the street I would run up and give him a hug and a kiss,” she said.

“When I see his face staring down at the Die Hard 4.0 billboards I just smile to myself knowing I know what an amazing man Bruce is. Because I’ve felt first hand just how wonderful he can be,” she added.



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