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Willis & Sarandon lobby for Veterans

Posted by Janett on June 30, 2007

Actors Bruce Willis and Susan Sarandon have put aside their political differences to team up and campaign for better treatment for injured US war veterans. Both stars are appalled by the circumstances some Iraq war veterans find themselves in when they get back home, so Republican Willis and Democrat Sarandon are lobbying for more to be done to look after returning soldiers. Sarandon says, “I realized that even though I got in to see a lot of people, I wasn’t really able to see the Republicans. That’s when I called Bruce. I didn’t know him, but I did know that he saw himself as somebody who advocated these guys to go, and that he would surely be advocating for help for them when they got back.” Willis adds, “It’s an unpopular was and they (veterans) do feel as if they’re country has forgotten about them. I went to Walter Reed Army Medical Center… I couldn’t stop crying. It was just heartbreaking. They come home with arms and legs shot off, their lives wrecked, and not a lot of help from the government… Somebody’s got to speak out for veterans. Susan and I are both talking about the same issue. I feel the same way that she does on it.”


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