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BW blasts war on drugs

Posted by Janett on June 30, 2007

Bruce Willis has hit out at America’s war on drugs, insisting it would be more productive for politicians to tackle the social problems that lead people to take narcotics in the first place. The Live Free Or Die Hard star wants leaders to accept the widespread problem of substance abuse, and dismisses the perception it’s more prevalent in Hollywood. He tells Playboy magazine, “Drugs and alcohol aren’t bigger problems in Hollywood than anywhere else. They’re everywhere. Also, one drug is still advertised everywhere you look – at every sporting event, in every magazine. More people are killed by drunk drivers every years than by anything else. The problem is largely ignored. The big problem is the reasons people have for wanting to anesthetize themselves. We fight it the wrong way. The war on drugs is a joke. If somebody weren’t making money off cocaine traffic or drug traffic in general, it wouldn’t exist.”


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