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BW´s webcam surprise for one fan

Posted by Janett on June 30, 2007

2007 (WENN)
Action star Bruce Willis surprised film fans when he went on a web-chat site to talk about his latest movie. The Hollywood tough guy posted messages on film site promoting new release Live Free Or Die Hard, which he reprises his role as John McClane. But when one film fan refused to believe it was his movie hero Willis entered an iChat videoconferencing conversation with him. And despite coming face to face with the star on webcam, Willis had to show his tattoos to the skeptical fan before he fully believed it was him. Willis told fans he posted on the website because he felt “a strong pull” to hear from his audience. He wrote, “I am John Mafuckin’Clane. What if I came to you all, just as as guy who in the last weeks of post, facing a 5 week, World-Wide press tour, an crazed at the prospect of it, just wanted to take a simpler approach to talking to this enormous group of people, who depsite pre-judgements from many, praise from a smaller minority, and some just waiting to see “what shakes out”, merely wished to have an outlet to chat with people I seldom get to chat with, and what if I just listened? And then thought about what I was going to say, and wrote back honestly. I had a website up for a while, I shut it down for an indefinite period, but now, getting ready to launch the longest shot of my careeer, I feel a strong personal pull to hear from an audience I do not know, sans Bullshit,(And that means I tell the Truth), sans gossip, just the straight, tight shit. I would personally hope it might be more about my work, good and bad, just us. Harry can chime in if he likes, but frankly it’s not cumpolsory……..HOW WOULD THAT BE?”


“I am pleased to see Vern, and everyone who responded to Vern’s rant exhibit such emotion over DH4. But as someone who worked on the picture, and has seen a cut of it, I would suggest that all the yakkin’ over the PG-13 issue hang onto their weapons for now. This episode if Die Hard is as good, if not better than the first Movie. And I was there for that one too. In a Summer filled with CG/fantasy driven films, Live Free or Die Hard is an in-your-face, hard-ass Action movie that will satisfy Vern, and anyone else who is a fan of the Die Hard series. All PG-13 means is that you cannot say f*ck more than twice. Other than that, the Mythology of Die Hard lives….I could not have been more pleased with how DH4 turned out. It’ll be out soon enough, and I wanna hear what Vern has to say after he sees LForDie Hard…. Set your pre-judgement aside for another 7 weeks and then decide.”

“I realized how we can solve this conundrum quite easliy. You all live in a digital world. someone must have a Mac with iChat camera ability. Send me your biggest doubter, who has iChat/video ability, and have them call( i will give that person my iChat address, and they will see me talking to them. I doubt if there is a way to fake that. let’s see…. thanks bw”

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